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-Political drone attack

Uri Avnery

January 24, 2015

-Netanyahu unfit to be PM of Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu, serving as Israel´s prime minister since 2009, his third term, is “unfit for the job”, according to the leading leftwing newspaper Haaretz. In today´s editorial they analyse the situation, blaming him for turning Israel into a pariah state, with the following conclusion:

“… the dramatic change Netanyahu is talking about won’t happen if the person in charge remains someone unable to bravely deal with the difficult problems facing Israel, primarily the Palestinian issue. A 47-year-old occupation of millions of people is intolerable. A responsible prime minister must force a genuine effort to end this tragedy. For three terms as prime minister, Netanyahu proved he has neither the ability nor the intention to solve the problem, choosing instead the tactic of “managing the conflict,” which means stalling for time without action. Israel cannot allow itself another four years of stalling for time.”

-With Bibi in the first row, campaigning

Uri Avnery

January 17, 2015

Half of Shas

Uri Avnery

January 10, 2015

My Glorious Brothers

Uri Avnery


Israel´s splendid isolation

Uri Avnery

December 20, 2015

EU-parliament majority for a Palestinian state

The European Parliament voted today to support Palestinian statehood in principle in a compromise motion. After talks between the main European parties, the motion stated: “(The European Parliament) supports in principle recognition of Palestinian statehood and the two-state solution, and believes these should go hand in hand with the development of peace talks, which should be advanced.”

Read the story in Jerusalem Post

Labour challenge Netanyahu in the coming Israeli elections

Uri Avnery

December 13, 2014

-ISRAELIS fed up with Netanyahu

Uri Avnery

December 6, 2014

Belgium tries to have EU recognize Palestine

A number of EU member countries are searching for recognition of Palestina as a new way of balancing the assymetric negotiating positions of Israel and the Palestinian Administration.

The Belgian federal parliament is expected to vote on a draft motion asking the Belgian government to recognise Palestine at a future point. It is legally non-binding and doesn’t indicate a deadline.


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