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Uri Avnery: Israel and The Treaty with Iran

Uri Avnery

July 18, 2015

Uri Avnery: -The Second Battle of Trafalgar

Uri Avnery

July 4, 2015

Uri Avnery: War Crimes? Us???

Uri Avnery

June 27, 2015

Uri Avnery: Isratin og Palestrael?

Uri Avnery

June 20, 2015

Uri Avnery: -Why boycott of Israel is wrong!

Uri Avnery

June 13, 2015

Uri Avnery: Who will save Israel?

Uri Avnery

May 23, 2015

Segregation in Israeli courts

The race segregation in Israeli buses turned out to be a public relations disaster for the government, and PM Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the arrangement would be suspended. However, the segregation on buses is not cancelled. Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon, has made it clear that this is a temporary suspension, not a cancellation of segregation.

Much worse discrimination is the segregate judicial system: A civil system for Israeli settlers and their children, and military courts for the Palestinians living in the territories occupied by Israel.

Israeli Government Most Racist, Extremist in History

Israel named its new cabinet (Hebrew) yesterday and the names are a Who’s Who of the most rabid, racist, brutal and cruel politicians in the nation.

Uri Avnery: The War of Fools

May 16, 2015

A FEW days ago, Israeli TV Channel 10 broadcast an investigative story about the 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon, known as “Lebanon War II”.

Uri Avnery: -A Netanyahu day- and nightmare!

Uri Avnery

May 9, 2015


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