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Uri Avnery: -There Are Still Judges...

April 18, 2015

Uri Avnery: A national unity government?

Uri Avnery

April 11, 2015

Israeli citizens in favor of a Palestinian state

Israeli petition in favor of recognition of a Palestinian state

We the undersigned citizens of Israel, who wish for it to be a safe and thriving country, are worried by the continued political stalemate, the occupation, and the settlement activities that lead to further confrontations with Palestinians and quash any chances for compromise. It is clear that the prospects for Israel’s security and existence depend on the existence of a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Israel should recognize the state of Palestine and Palestine should recognize the state of Israel, based on the June 4,1967 borders. Your initiative for recognition of the state of Palestine will advance prospects for peace and will encourage Israelis and Palestinians alike to bring an end to their conflict.

Uri Avnery: Israel´s Salvation Front

Uri Avnery

March 28, 2015

Uri Avnery: -If the left wants to win, it must reform itself!

Uri Avnery

March 21, 2015

Jeff Halper: -The Israeli elections: A game-changer

Jeff Halper

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Uri Avnery: How to vote in the coming eledtion?

Uri Avnery

March 14, 2015

The Netanyahu speech in Congress

Uri Avnery

March 7, 2015

Avnery on the Netanyahu speech in Congress: An Expensive Speech

Uri Avnery

February 28, 2015

Uri Avnery: -Anti-Semitism?

Uri Avnery

February 21, 2015


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