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National and Religious institutions mourne the death of Abu Kamel Al-kurd

It is with great sorrow that we announce the news of the death of Mohammad Kamel Mohammad Khalil El Kurd (Abu Kamel) at 22 hours on Saturday November 22, 2008, following a massive heart attack at St Joseph hospital in East Jerusalem .

His death came in the wake of the brutal Israeli Police eviction from his house in Sheikh Jarrah. He was dragged from his chair, where he was ridden most of the time as he was half paralyzed, and thrown brutally by the Israeli Police in the court yard of his neighbour’s house at 3.30 in the morning of Sunday November 9, 2008 . Immediately after his eviction and that of his wife from their house, his health deteriorated dramatically and he had to be hospitalized at St. Joseph ’s in Jerusalem . Although he received the best medical care possible, the trauma Abu Kamel suffered as a result of the eviction and of finding himself and his family homeless for the second time was too strong for his weak and ill body. Abu Kamel suffered a severe heart attack and died in his sleep.

May he find peace in the life hereafter – a peace he did not know in his earthly life.
Condolences are accepted by his family at the Sheikh Jarrah protest test for three days starting today Sunday 23.11.2008 .


تعي المؤسسات الوطنية والدينية ببالغ من الجزن والأسى وفاة المناضل محمد كامل الكرد (أبو كامل الكرد)، يوم السبت 22/11/2008، اثر اصابته بجلطة قلبية في مستشفى القديس يوسف في القدس الشرقية..

حيث أن وفاته جاءت نتيجة قيام قوات الاحتلال الاسرائيلي بطرده بوحشية من بيته هو وعائلته في الشيخ جراح يوم الأحد 9/11/2008 الساعة 3:30 صباحا، وهو مقعد ونصف مشلول.

وفور طرده من بيته تدهورت حالته الصحية واستدعى نقله الى المستشفى في سان جوزف في القدس، على الرغم من أنه تلقى أفضل الرعاية الطبية الممكنة، الا أن صدمته كانت كبيرة نتيجة طرده وتهجيره من بيته هو وعائلته للمرة الثانية.

أبو كامل عانى من جلطة قلبية وتوفي أثناء نومه.

قد يجد السلام في أخرته السلام الذي لم يجده في حياته

تقبل التعازي من قبل أسرته في خيمة اعتصام الشيخ جراح لمدة 3 أيام ابتداءا من يوم اليوم الأحد 23/11/2008

European Parliament passes Resolution regarding the Al-Kurd eviction

Fawzieh Al-Kurd




Vice-President of the European Parliament


Just after Israeli police evicted for the second time Um Kamel Al-Kurd from her protest tent and destroyed the tent and all its contents, an urgency was presented on the case of this family and a debate took place today in the Plenary Session of the European Parliament.

A resolution was adopted this afternoon by the Plenary, asking the Israeli authorities to stop their illegal actions.

The European Parliament, considering the Israeli action against international law and a danger for other 26 families living under the threat of eviction, called on Israel to immediately halt any expansion of settlements and called on the Council, the Commission and the international community, to protect Palestinian residents in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood and other areas of East Jerusalem.

Affirming that East Jerusalem is not subject to the jurisdiction of Israeli courts, since the EU does not recognize the annexation by Israel of this part of the city, the European Parliament urged Israel to refrain from all unilateral measures that pre-empt the result of the final status negotiations. Such actions only damage the chances of reaching a peace agreement.

Luisa Morgantini, Vice President of the European Parliament, one of the author of the resolution which was presented by the political groups, in her intervention emphasized that this policy is not an incident but part of the colonial practice of the Israeli government evidenced in the increase of illegal settlements, the demolition of Palestinian houses, in the siege on Gaza and the blocking of movement with closures and check points all along the West Bank.

She also reported: “Two weeks ago, a European Parliament delegation to the Palestinian Occupied Territories, composed of members from different political groups and including myself, visited the Al-Kurd family in its home: we witnessed the violence and abuse suffered by the family because of settlers who live in the same courtyard. They no longer have that home and an Israeli bulldozer cruelly evicted them from the tent situated in the courtyard of a Palestinian-owned house”.

The Al-Kurd family includes Um Kamel, her husband – who is partially paralysed, and suffering from chronic heart disease – and their 5 children. This family, already refugees in 1948, when they were displaced from West Jerusalem, has once again been dispossessed of its home, where it has been living since 1956. A group of extremist settlers claim ownership to that house and 26 other houses in the same neighbourhood, on the basis of an Ottoman title deed dating from 1880, the authenticity of which is doubtful and which is also disputed by United States. The project of the Jewish associations is to build 200 hundreds colonial units that will replace the Palestinian homes.

Further information: Luisa Morgantini, 0039 348 39 21 465 or office 0039 06 69 95 02 17;;;




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