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Belgium tries to have EU recognize Palestine

A number of EU member countries are searching for recognition of Palestina as a new way of balancing the assymetric negotiating positions of Israel and the Palestinian Administration.

The Belgian federal parliament is expected to vote on a draft motion asking the Belgian government to recognise Palestine at a future point. It is legally non-binding and doesn’t indicate a deadline.

The four of the biggest political parties back the project.

There is a lot of frustration in Europe with the lack of good will in Israel, a Belgian diplomat told EUobserver (http://euobserver.com/foreign/126805).

In Britain, France, Ireland, and Spain – the respective parliaments have passed pro-recognition motions. The parliaments of Austria, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, and Portugal will possibly come to the same conclusion.

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Jeg blir mer og mer overbevist om at en bred, vestlig anerkjennelse av Palestina har en viktig symboleffekt!