Israel: fascism or apartheid?

Handwringing about Israel’s transformation into a fascist state problematically glosses over the fact that it has implemented apartheid since its inception.

In an online conversation concerning the regime in Israel, my friend wrote: “I find it difficult to determine what is worse from a moral perspective: a fascist regime or an apartheid regime?” To the best of my understanding, a fascist regime elevates one social group over all other groups. An apartheid regime, on the other hand, degrades the status of a social group. But, I don’t know which is worse and I won’t compare between these two horrible phenomena for the sake of arriving at an abstract moral determination. Rather, I want to attempt to understand these social orders in order to struggle against them.

Embedded within my friend’s question is an assumption that both phenomena already inform the characterization of the state of Israel. Indeed, both characterizations of Israel are constantly mentioned. But, I wish to cast doubt on their shared existence in Israel. So, which of them – apartheid or fascism – is absent?Read more