Posted On 17 Nov 2015
By : MRN

“This decision sets an important precedent for the utilisation of South Africa’s ratification of the Rome Statute. It has massive implications as it is one of the first in our country’s history where South African Authorities have undertaken enforcement proceedings arising from codified principles of universal jurisdiction in order for this case to proceed in co-operation with the case unfolding in Turkey as a result of the Rome Statute,” says Attorney Ziyaad Patel

Issued: 17 November 2015

High ranking officials of the Directorate of the Priority Crimes Investigation Unit of the South African Police Services have this week confirmed that warrants of arrest have been issued against four Israeli commanders from the Israeli Navy and Israeli Defence Force (IDF), who were responsible for the attacks on the Mavi Marmara. The ship was part of a flotilla of vessels travelling to Gaza to deliver humanitarian aid and medical supplies in May 2010.

The four Israeli Defence Force High Commanders are:

Rau Aluf Gabriel Ashkenazi, Chief of General Staff
Eliezer Alfred Marom, Naval Forces Commander
Avishay Levi, Head of Airforce intelligence
Amos Yadlin, Major General Chief of IDF Military Intelligence

These commanders will be arrested upon entry into the Republic of South Africa. An arrest alert notice in this regard was circulated to the South African Border Control system on 3 September 2015.

This information has also been forwarded to Interpol Pretoria, South Africa, to liaise with Interpol Turkey in order for a red alert notice to be issued.

Should the suspects be arrested in South Africa, Interpol Pretoria, must be informed to arrange with Turkish authorities for their extradition.Läs mer